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"5FT. Apart bridges the gap between meaningless space and a wholesome personal experience"


5ft Apart bridges the gap between a meaningless space and a wholesome personal experience. We recognize the importance of functionality and challenge what is relevant.

Every project is tailored to tell a unique story. When designing a space, we begin with conceptualization; building on a core idea that begins to add value and expression for those that will eventually live, work and interact with the space. We play with light, texture, movement, and form that both - inspire and impresses.

Taarini Jouhari, the principle designer, is passionate about merging spaces with art to create rich experiences. Taarini began her career designing furniture for the Indian residential and hospitality industry. She then grew into designing offices, luxury homes, restaurants and retail stores for some of the renowned companies and prominent personalities of Bangalore



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On our look out to do interior of our flat we met many interior designers. 5FT. Apart seemed to understand what we wanted. She helped us to create the ideas, design the doors walls windows furniture false ceilings lighting and bathrooms.

They have a fantastic design sense as well as execution capabilities.



Very rarely you come across somebody who is passionate about their work and at the same time understands and respects the value of timelines & deadlines. 5FT. Apart, understood what our requirement was, the standard of finishing and our brands aesthetic.



I’ve always loved a blend of ‘old world’ and modern... be it in the designs I create, the inspiration for my home or even the interiors of my stores. When redecorating my showroom, I knew I had to find someone that would help envision and create a space that reflected the heart of my brand and what it stood for.

5FT. Apart was able to bring my dream store to life in the most beautiful way, with immense attention to detail- which was so important to me! Taarini is a rare artist that knows how to bring her expertise to the table while making sure to give the client nothing less than what they dreamed of.

It was a pleasure to work with her and her team that made the experience so much fun, with the best quality work I’ve seen! Thank you Taarini for creating a space that I love walking into every day, and a space that my clients feel so pampered in. I couldn’t have asked for anymore!


5FT. Apart is a creative and hardworking studio. They spend time to understand a client’s needs and creatively executes the design.

They give the client what they want and need with her knowledge and expertise, efficiently.

I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants their home or office to be designed.



I had a wonderful time working with 5FT. Apart. If you would ask me why 5FT. Apart? Then to put it simply I would give you all the basics like they are great at their design, they know their colours and materials and have the means to get some amazing custom-made furniture. Most importantly and the thing that matters is that they would treat your house as one of their own and make it with all their heart.

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