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Shruti Sushma

JW Mariott, Bangalore, 400sq.ft

The area assigned for the jewellery store was originally part of a dead space at the reputed Hotel. We needed to design and execute a showroom from the conceptualisation stage.


As a jewellery store, the space designed had to  synchronise with the pieces on display as well as embody the essence of the Shruti Sushma brand.


This space is versatile -  it can be used as its primary function of a store with an office or convert to full length gallery for exhibitions held time to time. Finer touches like cornicing on the ceiling and the herringbone pattern on the floor work well to add a sense of depth and drama.


From the colour scheme to the wall pattern inspired from the detail in the jewellery sketches: every inch of this store is designed to highlight the exquisite Shruti Sushma pieces on display.

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